The camp is primarily held to give fighters from the Danish top fighting clubs and the national team an opportunity to participate in plenty of high quality training.

For this to succeed we have invited some of the best instructors in the World to lead us through three full days of World Class training!

To get the best out of this unique situation we have decided to invite both the elite and the lesser experienced fighters and the lessons will therefore be divided into two categories; elite and intro. The camp is open for fighters with other background than Ju-Jitsu. Training will only be for participants wearing kimono and be based on the JJIF (Ju-Jitsu International Federation) rules for fighting. 


Rob Haans, Netherland

4th dan Jiu-Jitsu
World Champion in 3 weight classes.
Examined martial arts- and fitness instructor. Always full of energy and a superb technician. 
Sabine Felser, Germany
2nd dan Ju-Jutsu
Double World- and European Champion.
Has also won fights in boxing and BJJ. An absolute top athlete as well as an excellent instructor. 
Anders Lauridsen, Denmark
2nd dan Ju-Jutsu
World- and European Champion.
Our own locale Champion with excellent techniques and several years of experience as instructor. 
Lars Thygesen, Denmark
1st dan Judo
One of the best Danish Judo instructors.
He is the man behind many of the key talents within Danish Judo.