During yesterdays (thursday) practice Ricard Carneborn promoted Micke “Marklyft” Alpäng and Niklas Ahlström to blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Marcelo Yogui sends his wishes and congratulates the fighters to their new belts.

Micke Alpäng or Micke Marklyft as he is called has a background in Karate and Thaiboxing and has trained BJJ since 2006 and has evolved rapidly. In the beginning he was relying very much on his physical strength, as he is extremely gifted in that department, but this last year his technique has really caught up with his strength and he now has really “found” his game. Micke is probably one of the hardest working guys on Nacka Dojo´s mats very seldom missing a training session of BJJ or MMA. Coming fall Micke will start helping out as an instructor in MMA at Nacka Dojo.

Niklas started training Sport Ju-Jutsu 2005 and for a long time he combined the two sports SJJ and BJJ and has just recently chosen to focus more on the Brazilian style of fighting.
Niklas is just as Micke one of those guys who trains a lot every week and gives it his all each time.

Massive congratulations from Dynamix Fighting Sports!