Hi Jessica! Thanks for doing this interview with us. How are you?

Hi, I’m good thanks.

1. What got you into Martial Arts and what styles have you trained?

I first got into martial arts a little bit by chance as my dad took me to the academy because he wanted to show me something other besides ball-sports and dance. I have trained Ju-jutsu Kai, Sport Ju-jutsu, Kyukoshin Kai Karate, Judo and BJJ.

2. What can we expect at your classes at the Summer camp? What will you focus on?

I´ll try to show my way of training ju-jutsu. For me it has to be a lot of fun and a lot of movement. For me fighting has a lot to do with feeling confident about my game and my techniques. I will focus on some few different techniques and then use them in different movements and directions.

3. We know you will probably be very busy during the Summercamp, teaching, but if you get the time to train for the other instructors who will you train for and why?

I want to take classes for all of the other instructors and hopefully I´ll make the time. Most definitely I´ll take Robs classes.

4.On top of being a much appreciated instructor you’re also a very successful competitor with a recent gold medal in the 2007 JJIF European Championships. What are your plans for the coming season?

My focus and plans are to train and prepare myself for the coming season with a couple of international tournaments and then the world championships in Malmö at the end of November.

5.We assume your biggest focus is on the JJIF fighting but do you have any plans of competing in other sports such as BJJ, Karate or Judo as well?

For this coming season I will put all my focus and energy on JJIF fighting, there won´t be time left for competing in any other sports.

6. Do you think competing in multiple sports is only a good thing or do you think there is a risk of loosing focus?

I think it may depend on what goals you have decided to achieve and also how much time you have to spend on training, and resting, if you have a full time job or perhaps a family to consider. For me it has worked out fine competing in different sports but I made the choice early that all my competing was to make me a better JJIF fighter. All other victories in other sports are bonuses:)

7. For everyone out there who is training to be a champion like you I think it would be very interesting to know how you train. How many hours on the mat, how much conditioning and if you’re doing any weightlifting or such?

During season I train 4-6 sessions in gi per week, cardio training 3 times per week and strength/physical therapy 2-4 times per week.

8. Let’s talk a little about your academy in Gävle.
How many are you and what is the main focus amongst your students? Competing or training for exercise?

I think we have about 150 active members, most of them train at the academy for the exercise.

9. Gävle JJK changed from Ju-jutsu Kai to Sport Ju-jutsu five years ago and now you have also included BJJ and Krav Maga in your schedule, how do feel about the mix you have today?

I think that the mix gives our members a good variety to choose from and quite a lot chooses to train more than just one or two sports. We also have a judo academy next door which opens up for co-training between the academies.

10. What do you think is the best thing about Dynamix Summercamps?

The best thing is all the fun sports with inspiring instructors to train for, and the atmosphere of course. Just to be there and train and hang out with all the crazy martial artists.

Thanks a lot for your time Jessica and see you soon!