At the Sport Ju-Jutsu graduation the following people were approved for black belt 1 dan:

– Erik Nilsson, SKIFT (former Sollentuna Budoklubb)
– Patrik Fondin, Herrljunga
– Anders Gustafsson, Herrljunga
– Kristoffer Sundström, SKIFT (former Sollentuna Budoklubb)

Marcelo Yogui (together with Ricard Carneborn and Martin Janson) also promoted the following people to new belts.

Some of the new belts…

Purple belt:
– Andreas Gaugl (Nacka Dojo)
– Jens Friesendorff (Nacka Dojo)
– Richard Johansson (From Gladius MMA)
Gladius are not members of Dynamix but Marcelo teach there a lot during the years and the belt promotion was approved by Gladius head coaches August Wallén and Martin Janson)

Blue belt:
Johan Nero (Samurai)
Viktor Hansson (Samurai)
Lars Lundberg (Gävle)
Gustav Aldén (Nacka Dojo)
Maxine Thylin (Nacka Dojo)
Taja Luthje (Odense Fight Gym)
Christer Andersson (Örebro)
Matilda Fryklund (Örebro)
Cecilia Wager (Bålsta)
Emelie Nyberg (Stenungsund)

Big congratulations from all of Dynamix Fighting Sports!

More pictures can be found here