Team Dynamix had a great weekend and after two days of intense fighting we gathered 12 gold, 9 silver and 9 bronze and that gave a total of 144 points. This is a fantastic result and all Dynamix fighters should feel very proud.

Here is the link to the complete results

Here is the list of all Dynamix fighters (changes will occur and names can be missing)
Good luck everybody and see you in Saturday morning!


White belts male Infant-Juvenile (13-15) 

Super feather (-48,3) 
Emil Johansson Växjö JJK/Team Dynamix
Feather (-52,5) 
Markus Quartey Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
White belts male Juvenile (16-17) 
Super feather (-58,5) 

Daniel Rossev Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Feather (-64) 
Jonathan Zeray Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Middle (-74) 
David Edberg Bålsta Ju-jutsu / Team Dynamix
Heavy (-84,3) 
Kursad Orhan Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Ricky Vinnerud Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Madi Susso Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Torbjörn Thornfors Bålsta Ju-jutsu / Team Dynamix
White belts male Adult (18-29) 
Super feather (-64.0)
Govand Nekshbandi Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Feather (-70.0) 
Nicolaus Daun Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Fredrik Ljungqvist Iksu kampsport/Team Dynamix
Johan Nilsson IKSU/team dynamix
Light (-76.0) 
David Gross Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Henrik Appelgren Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Peter Palmelin Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Niklas Björkman JJK Samurai/Team Dynamix
Robert Israelsson Iksu SJJ/ Team Dynamix
Middle (-82.3) 
Robert Sundström Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Anton Klarén JJK Samurai/Team Dynamix
Nikola Lucaj IKSU / Team Dynamix
filip möller JJK Samurai/Team Dynamix
Johan Schyberg Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix

Middle heavy (-88.3) 
Rikard Hildenborg Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Peter Gustafsson IKSU Kampsport/Team Dynamix
Lars Karlsson Linköpings Budoklubb/Team Dynamix
Niclas Svedberg Linköpings Budo/Team Dynamix
Christoffer Dandanell Bålsta Ju-jutsu / Team Dynamix
Gustaf Fjaestad Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Heavy (-94.3) 
Jonas Gottfarb Linköpings Budoklubb/Team Dynamix
Super heavy (-100.5) 
Lars Andreen JJK Samurai/Team Dynamix

S.Super heavy (+100.5) 
Manuel Wenzelius Linköpings Budoklubb/Team Dynamix
Mats Frostfeldt JJK Samurai/Team Dynamix
White belts male Master (30-35) 
Light (-76.0) 
Jannis Karas Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Henrik Björk Växjö JJK/Team Dynamix
Middle (-82.3) 
Göran Axelsson Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Middle heavy (-88.3) 
Jon Nordin Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Jens Myretyr Bålsta Ju-jutsu / Team Dynamix
White belts male Senior 1 (36-40) 
Middle heavy (-88.3)
Torbjörn Molén Gävle Ju-jutsu Team dynamix
White belts female Infant-Juvenile (13-15) 
Light (-56,5)
Isabell Skoglund Växjö JJK/Team Dynamix

Feather (-52,5) 
Emma Ulfshede JJK Samurai/Team Dynamix
Middle (-60,5) 
Sara Widgren Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
White belts female Adult (18-29) 
Female (-58.4)
Malin Fischer Kraftverket JJA/Team Dynamix
Hanna Lindström Kraftverket JJA/Team Dynamix
Female (-64) 
Ann-Christine Lundgren Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Jennifer Radhammar Samurai/ team Dynamix
Lisa Rudström Iksu Kampsport/Team Dynamix
Female (-69) 
Diana Kajic JJK Samurai/ Team Dynamix
Stina Gustafsson IKSU Kampsport/Team Dynamix
Yellow belts male Infant-Juvenile (13-15) 
Feather (-52,5)
Mattias Hermansson Stenungsunds KA/Team Dynamix
Yellow belts female Infant-Juvenile (13-15) 
Feather (-52,5)
Michelle Karlsson ÖKSF/Team Dynamix
Orange belts male Infant-Juvenile (13-15) 
Rooster (-44,3)
William Clérissy ÖKSF/Team Dynamix
Super feather (-48,3) 
Sebastian Agerhäll Örebro Kampsportförening/Dynamix
S.Super Heavy (+73) 
Philip Clérissy ÖKSF/Team Dynamix
Orange belts female Infant-Juvenile (13-15) 
Rooster (-44,3)
Johanna Rehn Öksf/Team Dynamix

Blue belts male Juvenile (16-17) 
Heavy (-84,3) 

Viktor Hansson JJK Samurai/Team Dynamix
Blue belts male Adult (18-29) 
Light (-76.0)
James Kytösaho Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Gustav Aldén Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
David Lindskog Bålsta Ju-jutsu / Team Dynamix
Middle (-82.3) 
Olle Molin IKSU Kampsport/Team Dynamix
Middle heavy (-88.3) 
Tulle Edman Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Super heavy (-100.5)
Fredrik Isaksson JJK Samurai/Team Dynamix
Blue belts female Juvenile (16-17) 
Middle (-60,5)
Maxine Thylin Nacka Dojo/team Dynamix
Blue belts female Adult (18-29) 
Female (-64) 
Janni Larsson JJK Samurai /Team Dynamix
Female (-69) 
Caroline Lian Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix

Purple belts male Adult (18-29) 
Light (-76.0) 
Ralf Carneborn Nacka Dojo/Team Dynamix
Paul Persson JJK Samurai / Team Dynamix
Middle (-82.3) 
Mattias Hedblom Örebro kampsportförening team Dynamix