Dynamix had a very intense Saturday with fighters competing in four different sports.

Fighters from Dynamix Örebro fought in Judo and Thai Boxing. The Judo fighters came back with one gold (Johanna Rehn) and two bronzemedals (Andreas Lindqvist and Joel Rehn). The thaiboxers had one win and two losses. Read more at Örebros website (in Swedish)

Dynamix Nacka had four fighters competing at All Style Open (a mixed rule competition with punches, kicks and sweeps). They came back with three gold and one silver and one “best fighter” award to Simon Sköld. Nacka came at third place in the total score count for all academies.

See the highlight video from All Style Open

On the same day two figters from Nacka went to Gävle for a submission wrestling tournament. Ralf Carneborn won the gold after three wins and Nicolaus Daun won the silver after two wins and one loss.

Congratulations to everybody from the Dynamix family!