Girls Only is a grappling camp in Sweden where female practitioners of the grappling arts can meet up and exchange knowledge for some of the best female instructors in the world. We believe and hope that this will create a bond between girls/women from different teams and different countries and encourage you to keep training and competing even though its not always easy in a male dominated environment. 

We want to make this a reoccurring event with at least one camp a year.
6, 7 & 8 Feb

Last day to sign up: 4:e Feb

Sign up via this site:
The sign up is in Swedish but use if you don´t understand and you´ll be alright.
Be sure to click “kurser” and then write “Girls Only Camp” in the free text field.

Nacka Dojo, Griffelvägen 17, 131 45 Stockholm, Sweden. 

Jennifer Pettersson, Purple belt BJJ (Rickard Andersson, Hilti BJJ).
Pernilla Ribeiro Novais, Black belt Judo.
More instructors soon. 

Who is welcome?:
All females above 15 years old with none or a lot of experience in martial arts. 


We offer accommodation in the dojo at no extra fee.

Camp fee (Payed at camp):

Sign up before 20 Jan: 500Skr or 45 Euro
Sign up after 20 Jan: 600Skr or 55 Euro 

Dynamix Fighting Sports, Nacka Dojo & SKIFT in cooperation with Jennifer Guiola Pettersson (Brazilian Top Team/HILTI BJJ), and



18.00 Registration and payment.
19.00-20.30 Introduction and BJJ 
10.00-11.30 BJJ
12.00 Lunch at the dojo
14.00-15.30 Judo (Pernilla Ribeiro Novais)
16:00-17:00 Theoretical lecture
18.00-19.30 BJJ/SW/Judo -Sparring
20.30 Dinner in town.
10.00-11.15 SW
12.00-13.15 BJJPresentation of Pernilla Ribeiro Novais:
Pernilla Ribeiro Novais is one of the most qualified judokas in Sweden. She has been competing in Judo on the highest level for over fifteen years and has a long list of medals, as silver in the European Championships 2000, World Cup medals, gold in the Nordic Championships and several gold in the Swedish Championships. She also participated in the Olympic Games 2000. Pernilla is a highly appreciated instructor and coach and she has also been involved in the work with producing the Swedish “Judo book”. She is also a well accomplished stunt woman. 
Her accomplishments include:
Swedish Champion: -94, -95, -96, -97, -00, -01, -02.
European Championships 2000: 2nd place.
Olympic Games 2000: 9th place.
World Championships 1999: 5th place.
Two times Nordic Champion.
Appears in:
2008 – Låt den rätte komma in
2007 – Beck – I Guds namn
2005 – Innan frostenJennifer Guiola Petterson´s merits:
Competitions as Bluebelt -69kg:
February: Västerås Cup, Sweden, BJJ ? 1st place
April: Amsterdam Open, Holland, BJJ ? 1st place
April: Amsterdam Open, Holland, SW ? 2nd place
Maj: Eskilstuna Cup, Sverige, SW ? 3rd place
July: Copa do Mundo/World Cup, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil, BJJ ? 1st place
August: Mundial/World Championships, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil, BJJ ? 2nd place
September: Finish Open, Åbo/Finland, SW ? 1st place
(Qualification for the European Trials ADCC)
Oktober: Scandinavian Open, Malmö/ Sweden, BJJ ? 1st place 
January: European Open, Lisabon/Portugal, BJJ ? 1st place
March: ADCC-European Trials, Åbo/Finland, SW ? 4th place 
Competitons as a Purplebelt -69:
April: ADCC-World Championships, New Jersey/USA, SW ? semi-finalist
(wildcard invitation because of placements)
Juli: Copa do Mundo/World Cup, Terésopolis/Brasil, BJJ ? 2nd place (-69 kg)
Juli: Copa do Mundo/World Cup, Terésopolis/Brasilien, BJJ ? 3rd place (absolut)
Oktober: Scandinavian Open, Malmö/Sweden, BJJ ? 1st place
December: No-Gi Worldchampionships, SW, Los Angeles/USA ? 1st place 
March: Pan Americans, BJJ, Los Angeles/USA ? 1st place
June: Mundial/World Championships, BJJ, Los Angeles/USA ? 2nd place 
Coming competitions 2009:
January 30, 31 & February 1, European Open, Lisabon/Portugal
March, Pan Americans, Los Angeles/USA
April, New York International, New York/Usa
June, Mundial, Los Angeles/Usa
July, Rio International Open Jiu-Jitsu Championships