Do you want more fighting experience?

Dynamix Fightcamp is for all fighters who trains with gi and wants to improve their fighting. Dynamix Fightcamp started as “Elitlägret” by Ingemar Sköld (8th dan) in 1982 and it grow to become Swedens biggest and best sparring camp. In 2005 Elitlägret changed its name to Dynamix Fightcamp and now also contains a Fightnight. The spirit from “Elitlägret” remains and the camp still attracts the best fighters for two days of sparring. 

You will be given the best training from skillfull instructors with a lot of experience in the fighting game. You will be drilled in many different ways to become a better fighter. 

The camp is divided in two classes per day. The class before lunch is JJIF Ju-Jutsu sparring (punches and kicks, throws/takedowns and ground game). The afternoon class focus on throws/takedowns and ground game which leaves it open for BJJ and Judo fighters as well. 

The cost for the whole weekend is only 300 skr or 200 skr per day. 

– Marcelo “Yogui” Santiago, 3rd degree black belt and Dynamix head coach for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Marcelo is one of the pioneers of BJJ and grew up together with the Gracie family in Rio de Janeiro. Marcelo was the first Brazilian who came to Sweden and took the game to us. Dynamix has collaborated with Marcelo since 2002 and he is a highly regarded instructor at camps and seminars. 

– Martin Ingholt is coach for the national team in JJIF Ju-Jutsu since 2005. He has helped many Swedish Fighters to win a lot of titles and he works hard to keep developing the Swedish team. Martin have had a succesful career as a fighter and holds one Swedish Championship title and has represented Sweden at the European Championships in 2003. You will not get a better chance to take part of the Swedish coach best tips than at Fightcamp!

Dynamix Fightnight is a martial art event with single fights in JJIF Ju-Jutsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling. The matchmaking is being made by Nacka Dojo and our goal is to have exciting fights with both new talents and high profile fights. 

All the fights are being arranged at Saturday night during Fightcamp and the atmosphere is perfect with a lot of fighters and a big audience watching the fights. Nacka Dojos crew work hard to put on a great show for both the fighters and the spectators. 

If you want the chance to fight please fill in the application form and mail us a portrait of yourself in good quality. When we have all this information we will start to search for an opponent for you. If we can find one we will contact you with details about the fight. 

The cost to fight at Fightnight is only 100 skr and for that you can train as much as you want at Fightcamp. All the winners recieve great prices from our sponsors and all winners also recieve a small trophy. The money for the fight shall be payed at the inweight before your fight. The trip to Nacka shall be payed by you our your academy. We offer you to stay in our dojo for free between saturday and sunday night. 

Welcome with your application!
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