The World Games in Taiwan was a great event with many exciting fights in a fantastic competition with more then 30 sports competing like in the Olympics for two weeks.

Dynamix had three fighters in the competition and two referees (Emil Gustafsson and Dan Andersson).

Rob “The King” Haans (Netherlands)

Rob was also in Taiwan to end a fantastic career and he did what we are used to see him do for the last 12 years, winning the gold. Rob has now won everything you can win several times and is without a doubt JJIF´s best fighter “kilo for kilo”

Dynamix wishes to thank Rob for his fantastic career, we look forward to see him as an instructor in many Dynamix arrangements in the future.

Johan Ingholt (Sweden)


Johan was in Taiwan to fight in his last tournament. Johan has had major problems with his back and struggled hard to be able to compete on this high level. Johan fought very well in his matches, but saw the first defeat to France (which then finished in third place) in the re-qualification Johan fought Kazakhstan and it was an even match in which John unfortunately lost.
Now Johan announces that his career is over, and Dynamix would like to thank Johan for all the time he put into training and competing and all the amazing matches he has fought for us!

We hope to benefit from Johan´s knowledge in future Dynamix events.

Jeanne Rasmussen (Denmark)
Jeanne (from the new member club Herlev Ju-Jutsu, Denmark) competed in the -70 kg.

In her first match, she met France (who later won the gold) and lost. The re-qualification match was againts Kazakhstan which she won. In the third fight Jeanne lost against Sonja Kintz from Germany.

More information and all results and brackets can be found at the official World Games infosite