October 30-November 1 

During All Saints´ Day weekend this year´s Norrlandsläger, which is the 33 th in place will be arranged.
We will as usual offer good instructors, a large and well-liked ne waza contest and a feast for socializing and good food. 

This year´s news: 
Create your own camp! You can now choose the direction you want to camp.

We will create different “tracks” to train for and our hope is to give everyone a unique opportunity to practice what one likes best. This is the “track” we primarily will offer: Ju-JutsuKai, Budo with tradition, Sparring and fighing, A nice mix of everything. 
Marcelo Yogui
has 4th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Marcelo is one of the pioneers in BJJ and grew up with the Gracie family in Rio de Janiro. He started training already as 15-year-old and has since then instructed and held seminars across large parts of the world. Marcelo was one of the first who brought BJJ to Sweden and Scandinavia and has really helped the sport´s rapid emergence in the country.
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Tony Hansson, 6 dan in the style of Ju-JutsuKai is one of the instructors who we invite to instruct on the northern camp again and again and again. The reason is simple, Tony is a fantastically talented instructor with an incredible amount of knowledge. In the Swedish Ju-Jitsu Federation is Tony a figurehead, and he has over the years pushed many projects and was one of the leaders in the development of Ju-JutsuKai. 

Rob Haans is from Holland and is graduated to 5 dan in Jiu-Jitsu. Rob has achieved incredible success at the competition mat and is one of the world´s most successful Ju-Jitsu practitioners by including three gold medals and two gold at World Games. As if that were not enough, he has won the World Championships in three different weight classes! In addition to this Rob has a fantastic range and can be guaranteed to give everyone who comes to camp, something unique.
Rob Haans Highlights on YouTube: 

Lasse Stålnacke, a Norrlandsläger without Lasse would not be a Norrlandsläger we´ll often say. Lasse has visited us here in Umeå, as long as we can remember and there are many beautiful years. Lasse has a broad knowledge and martial over the years has embraced the eastern cultures and exude genuine harmony. Lasse has 5 dan in the style of Ju-jutsuKai and 2 dan in Iaido. Lasse will invite the Qi-gong, Iaido (sword training) and Kata. Please include bokken or katana. 

Stefan Forsman, 4 dan in the style of Ju-jutsuKai is a new name for this year. Stefan is a federal instructor and has in recent years has become a familiar face on the union camp. We believe that Stephen will be a nice addition on the northern camp. 

Thomas Ingvarsson, 3 dan in Aikido and 1 dan in the style of Ju-JutsuKai.
Tomas will hold one or two Aikido workouts during camp. There is usually a feast for the eyes to see him in action on the Aikido mat, do not miss this! 

PH Sjötröm, 3 dan in the style Sport Ju-Jutsu sits today with the management team for Dynamix Fighting Sports. PH is a charismatic person with a twinkle in his eye and he will offer motion-based and sparring-oriented training. 

Anders Larsson, 3 dan in the style of Ju-JutsuKai is one of our own instructors who really committed to improve his budons in the world. Anders has coached and instructed for many years and it is with pleasure that we see him as one of the instructors at this year´s northern camps. 

Jonas Elfving has instructed at many children summer camp and you can really see that he is passionate about what he does. Jonas will keep one or two workouts aimed at children and instructors to all of you who want to find new angles, one can learn a great deal of instructing children! Jonas has 2 dan in the style of Ju-JutsuKai. 


When: Friday 30/10 at. 19:30 – Sunday 1 / 11 at. 14:00.
Where: Dragon Halls in Umeå.
Fee: Camp fee 400 kr.
Accommodations: Kindergarten (kitchen available) 75 £ / night and person.
Scandic Plaza Hotel and Clarion Collection Hotel Uman: Double room 350 SEK per night and person, single room 600 SEK / night.
Registration and information:
Notification of club, name, grade, accommodations no later than 26/10.
For information call:
Tel Office: 090-13 31 07, Mon-Thu 09:00-13:00
Mobile: 070-512 19 68 

Ne Waza Competition:
Obviously, there is ne waza contest this year also, last year´s contest was very successful and we are absolutely convinced that this year will be at least as good. The contest will be on Saturday afternoon and is open to all camp participants! 

On Saturday night, it´s time for the festivities, where all the camp participants, of course, are welcome. We will come back with more details when everything starts to be clear.
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