NORDIC CUPS 27-28/3-2010

Nacka Dojo will arrange Nordic Cup and Nordic JR cup on the same weekend for the first time!
Adults will compete Saturday and Youths on Sunday.

-Competition arena-
Nacka Bollhall at Nacka sportcenter. Drive the highway 222 from Slussen towards Nacka and then turn right at Nacka Forum and then right again towards Nacka Sportcenter.

The fee for fighting at Nordic Cup is 250 skr and shall be payed before the 21th of March. The money shall be transfered to Plusgiro: 595418-5.

For all forreign competitors it is possible to pay the fee of 250 swedish kronor at the inweight on friday night.

Application shall be made for all your clubs fighters before friday the 21th of March. It is also possible to sign up for the competition at the inweight on friday night on the 26th of March. If you sign up for the competition on friday night, the participation fee is 350 skr.

All fighters must complete their weigh in process at friday night between 18-20.30 (extended!) at Nacka Dojo, Griffelvägen 17. At the inweight the fighter must present an id or drivers license and their valid competition license (applies to swedish fighters).

-Weight classes-
– Women: -55kg, -62kg, -70kg, +70 kg
– Men: -62kg, -69kg, -77kg, -85kg, -94kg, +94kg

-Change of weight class-
Changing your weight class at the inweight is not allowed. If it is possible we will try to solve the situation but make sure that you can make the weight you have registred for.

-Competition categories-
This class is for all competitors who has green belt or more.

Elit, class 1: (Green to black belts)

Beginners, class 2: Yellow to green belts
(Blue belts and higher can partcipate at a total of three (3) times in a class 2 competition before he or she has to switch to class 1.)

Fighters who has between yellow and green belt can participate in this class as many times as he or she wants. If one competitor once has decided to participate in a class 1 tournament in Sweden, he or she can not go back to class 2.

(This is the rules by the swedish ju-jutsu section )

It is possible that some classes will be combined due to inadequate number of atlethes in one class. We will try to prevent that as long as possible.