Stenungsund Kampsportacademy have been members of Dynamix with their junior section since 2004-07-30 but now they will go “all in” with the whole academy. Read the letter from Martin Janson here.

Hi all the guys and girls in the Dynamix team!

Our academy have been affiliated with 2 teams throughout the years but now we have come to the conclusion to choose the team that best fits our priorities. We as an academy have for many years now focused on competitive grappling for juniors /young adults and exercise for seniors.

The first reason we joined Dynamix was thanks to the pedagogy displayed by Ricard Carneborn and the way that “rörelseglädje – trygghet – effektivitet” was taught. I am confident that our academy will get the best possible development in our main focus, junior bjj within the Dynamix team.

Thanks for welcoming us!

Martin Janson
Stenungsunds Kampsportsakademi