Axel Bohlin and William Jöfors travel to the states to compete in Orlando BJJ Open, a competition that offer both BJJ and SW tournaments.  All of the academy is proud to have our fighters represent us over there!

Axel will also stop by New York city and have a privateclass with Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro. Now we look forward to see pictures and videos from your fantastic trip. Good luck boys!


  1. avatar tulle says:

    Good luck guys!

  2. Hello everybody.
    I have made kimonos personalized for the guys trainning with us,its come with the logos embroidery at the back and at the chest.
    if you wonna order one its disponible and all sizes,on the blue color ,
    send me a email and we fix the details.
    Have a nice trainning my friends.

    Marcelo Yogui

  3. avatar Axel Bohlin says:

    Jag tävlade själv i USA. Den andra fick förhinder. Jag vann silver i både sw och bjj =)
    Träningen i new york var grymt rolig!!