The Swedish serie for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are divided into 7 competitions and are divided between Nacka Dojo, Stenungsund, Svedala, Örebro and a finale in June 2010 in Åsbro.

Celebrating the 5th round of the Swedish Ungdomsserien in BJJ. Thiscompetition is organized by Stenungsunds Martial Arts Academy and will be held like last year in Sundahallen.

Weighing is between 09 and 10, fights start after completion of weighing, approximately 10.30. The competition is at the pool system in which “all meet each other” in the group we have become divided.

Participants are between 6 and 17 years and has at least trained 6 months of Ju Jitsu.

Registration goes to martin@kampsportsakademin.com, type “Notification ungdomsserien March 6” in the notification field. 
Registrations shall be received at the latest, Thursday, March 4th.

The registration fee is 150 SEK and that includes light lunch in the form of pasta salad.

Overnight in gympasal can be arranged if you contact martin@kampsportsakademin.com timely because we have limited number of places. Otherwise, we recommend the Hotel Reisen: www.hotellreis.com.



  1. Tack alla fighters för en härlig dag! Kul att se alla våra unga förmågor. Dynamix ungdomar är bäst!!