We are now looking for fighters who want to have a single fight at the JJIF Swedish Championship 10 april, before the seniors starts at four o`clock.
These fights is not part of the Swedish Championships. We just want to expand the competition with some more great fights for the audience to watch. The competition will be filmed and displayed live at the web. We can´t guarantee you a fight but we will do our best to give the audience the most interesting fights to watch. We will arrange fights with persons who are ten years or older.

Read more about the competition on

Send an e-mail to with your name, weight, age, gender, list of qalifications, club/team, if you have a competition card from the SB&K. We will only arrange fights under JJIF rules. We will answer as soon as we have an opponent for you.


  1. avatar Jonas Eggers says:

    Kan danske kæmpere deltage?

  2. avatar Jonathan Askesjö says:

    I will check it out with the rest of the crew and we will see. Send an e-mail with your fighters and I will reply.

    1. avatar SKIFT says:

      It is ok to register for a fight. You are welcome with an e-mail to with info about your fighters as soon as posible so we have a chance to find a good opponent for them. It´s good if they are prepared to take a fight on short notice.