Örebro KF had 4 fighters in a fullcontact competition in Timrå and they all won their fights.

Matilda Fryklund won with 3-0, Elin Persson won with 2-1,  Maria Saljsö won with 3-0 and Marcus Kurt had two hard fights and won both with 3-0 in kickboxing. Philip Clerissy fought against Johan Zettergren (OKSF) in a  fullcontact jujutsu KJJ class and won with 10-0 after full time (1x5min)

During Sunday it was a training camp in kickboxning and Örebro, Timrå and Skellefteå was there to train for Jens Nykvist (reigning world kickboxing champion). Örebro also won 13 medals at the Swedish Youth series in BJJ in Nacka.

Congratulations to Örebro!