Jesper Kedjevåg (Dynamix Växjö) is the first person to be approved to 1 dan in Sport Ju-Jutsu with the new rules for switching from another style.
Jesper is a black belt in Ju-Jutsu kai since many years and have trained Ju-Jutsu for more than 25 years. He has also been a instructor for many years in Växjö JJK. Jesper is World Champion in duo (2008) together with Liza Karlsson and after that triumph he stopped competing and now focus on Sport Ju-Jutsu.

Jesper is a big asset for Dynamix and we look forward to see his future developement in Sport Ju-Jutsu.

Big congratulations to Jesper from the techniqual commité for Sport Ju-Jutsu.

Here is the application form for switching from another style.