The licence register with all instructors in Dynamix is now availible on the website.  Only the instructors with a valid licence will be visible on the page. In order to see all instructors you need to log in with your academy user account.

We have worked really hard with this so that it would be ready before the summercamp and the Dynamix meeting.

The register contains all 273 people that have attended one or more of our educations during the years. The first instructors course was a Sport ju-Jutsu course held in Varberg in 2002.

Dynamix offer the following courses:

Sport Ju-Jutsu:
Sport Ju-Jutsu, step I
Sport Ju-Jutsu, step II
Sport Ju-Jutsu for kids & youths

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (with three different themes)
1. Guardpasses, sweeps & submissions
2. Takedowns, takedown defence, top control, escpapes from top positions
3. Various submissions, submission escapes

Mixed Martial Arts:
Dynamix MMA concept

The courses gives a 2 year licence if you pass the course. The Sport Ju-Jutsu course step II gives a three years licence. A Dynamix seminar or a camp approved by Dynamix gives a extension for all licences that the instructor have.

Some examples:
1) John has both a Sport Ju-Jutsu licence and a MMA licence and also a BJJ licence (John is a busy boy:).
The Sport JJ licence expire 2011-01-01
MMA licence expire 2012-01-01
BJJ licence expire 2013-01-01.

John attends the official Dynamix summercamp for all five days and trains for different instructors. John will then extend both his SJJ, MMA and BJJ licence with one (1) year.

2) John attends the Sport JJ course step II and that will extend his Sport JJ licence with three (3) years.

3) John attends the BJJ course again but this time with a different theme. John will then extend his BJJ licence with two (years).

The management team will have more detailed information regarding this at the Dynamix meeting during the summer camp. The meeting is on Friday the 6th of August at 17.30.

It is now every clubs responsibility to send their instructors to a course and to keep all instructors with a valid licence. It is also importand that all member clubs help us and keeps the licence register updated so please let ut know is someone is no longer active.

Visit the register
(remember that you need to log in with the user account for your academy to see all instructors, contact your club leader or contact Dynamix if you want to know your status).