The 13th summercamp is approaching and we have some great news for you all! Updated with the schedule!

The schedule is availible for download. The schedule can change with short notice!

Click the picture to download the schedule.

– Martin Janson will teach submission wrestling at the camp. Martin is the sixth and final instructor ready for the camp and we now have almost every aspect of the martial art game covered. Martin joins a fantastic team with Marcelo (BJJ), Usama (MMA), Anna (Sport JJ), Bertrand (Judo) and Joakim (Thai-Boxing)

Martin will also teach at the instructors courses that is arranged before the camp. There are still some spots left so you can book now and develope your game. The courses are open both for fighters with instructor ambitions but also just for someone who wants to learn more. Read more and sign up here:

News for the BJJ courses is that from now on it will have different focus each time and this time we will focus on the guard game (passing guard, defending guard and submissions). This is done to make the quality even higher for the course since more time can be put on each position. This will also make it easier for instrctors to take the course more than one time since each course will have different themes. A schedule for the BJJ courses in 2010 and 2011 will be presented at the Dynamix meeting during the camp (Friday afternoon)

The Sport JJ graduations for black belt during the camp will be arranged in the big sportshall on Saturday evening, starting at 17.30. After the graduations the big summercamp party will start at 20.00 and this year we will have the party at Nacka Dojo with a fantastic buffe and party all night long.

Private classes
During the camp it is possible to book a instructor for a private class. When a instructor is not teaching he or she can be availible for a private class. We will have a special room for the private classes so it will be very exclusive!

Prices are only 300kr/person for 55 minutes. In each private class there can be a maximum of four (4) people.

Book your private class by filling out the form at this page and choose “private class”. You can also book at the camp but dont wait to long since the time for private classes are very limited.

See you all soon!