Swedish BJJ Association invites everybody who is competition activly and are purple belt or higher, for a training camp and physical tests at Bosön on the weekend of 25-26 September. (might even include Friday)
As a starting point to find out which physical conditions that make a practitioner elite, SBJJF invites the country’s most talented fighters in the testing of various physical qualities and training for two days in September. The invitation is open to those who are graduated to at least purple belt and is investing heavily in your training and competition career. The federation will make the selection based on information in your application. To our investigation is as accurate as possible, we may need to select a sample in which practitioners are fairly similar in weight class.
Expectations on you seeking:
Purple Belt or higher
Active fighter, at least 20 fights behind you
Active fighter this year in several competitions
That you describe your physical training, how much extra time do you spend on improving fitness and strength tex
List some of your main qualifications
That you are willing to pay for the travel and accommodation to Bosön 25-26 September (may even include Friday)
The federation is responsible for testing, food and training.
Practical information about the weekend:
Date: September 25 to 26 (subject to change)
Start time:
Saturday 10:00 – going all day
Sunday start 10:00 end 15:00 (subject to change)

Strength tests and fitness tests will be performed, possibly, we will test blodlactat.
Applications shall be mailed to sekreterare@bjjsweden.com. Deadline for entries is August 25.