Dynamix also had fighters competing in MMA and Shooto. James won bronze at the shooto tournament.

Ricky Granstad from Bålsta Dojo made his pro debut in MMA at the event in Finland. Ricky lost by a triangel after 2.07 against Elias Kunnas.

James Kytösaho from Nacka Dojo won the bronze in the shooto tournament that took place during the day before the MMA event. James won his first fight by RNC and the second one by a knee bar, both fights ended within a minute. James then fought Fernando Gonzales from Hilti in a very close fight that Fernando won by decision.

Simon Sköld fought in MMA at The Zone FC and his opponent Kristoffer Källgren from Escalte MMA won by 3-0. Simon got -1p for a upkick in the first round and Kristoffer then managed to get the fight were he wanted it, in the clinch and on the ground. Simon had one really good attempt for a RNC but couldnt finish.