The kickoff in Borlänge was a great weekend with over 50 instructors attending from 8 different Dynamix acadmies.

We started on Friday evening with some hotdogs and som “get together” and then almost everybody checked in at Active Stay which was is a hotel only 3 minutes from Borlänges fantastic dojo. Some went to the sauna and relaxed and prepared for the intense weekend and some went to sleep.

We started Saturday morning at 09.00 and the instructors for the weekend Ingemar Sköld, Ricard Carneborn and Martin Janson welcomed everybody (Marcelo Yogui got sick and could not come). The first class was led by Ricard and Ingemar and Ricard showed a strategy for throwing from clinch in different variations. Ingemar continued  with some throws while using the front leg. Martin continued after a short brake with some techniques on how to take the back. After lunch we had a meeting for all academies and planned the Dynamix calender for 2011. Ricard and Martin also had a small lecture on how to start and work with a competition team. After that all academies had their own meeting and planned their year.

After a short break we trained again and this time Martin and Ingemar held a great class with a mix of Sport Ju-Jutsu and submission wrestling. It was really nice to see all sports train together and trying to learn as much as possible from each others sports.

When the class was done we got in our cars and went to a slalom hill and had a crazy competition with sledding and had a lot of fun. We finished off at a restaurant with a nice dinner. Sunday started at 09.00 aswell and we trained more for Ricard, Ingemar and Martin and then after lunch we had a great sparringsession.  Ingemar then led a session of mental training where he boosted everybody to go back to their academy and do their best for their students.

The weekend was great and we would like to thank Borlänge and Henrik Koppla for their hospitality. Book the second week in Januari 2012, this will be a tradition!

More pictures and video will hopefully show up here soon.