The summercamp is finished and we have had an amazing week together. We started with the MMA course in the weekend before the camp and continued with the BJJ and SJJ courses. On Wednesday evening the camp started and went on until Sunday afternoon. We have had more than 145 fighters training, 13 new graduations in sport ju-jutsu and a lot of new grades in BJJ.

We have had a meeting about sport ju-jutsu 2.0 and our annual meeting for all Dynamix academies. A full report with all the new grades, instructors and other achiewments will be posted in a seperate article next week.

Thanks to everybody who made the camp a great memory. Thanks to Nacka Dojo and their crew for fixing everything, thanks to all the instructors who did a amazing job!

See you all soon!

Pictures from the camp

Pictures from the BJJ and SJJ course