The summercamp 2012 is finished and it we are doing the afterwork. Here is some statistics from the camp

Total nr of classes in the camp: 31
Total number of people training: 146 (new record!)
People that had booked but had to cancel: 13

Best average score of students: Renato & Teta (49 students in average)
Most students in one class: 108 students (Renato & Teta, Wednesday 17.45)

Lunches served: 260 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

New Sport Ju-Jutsu blackbelts: 16
New BJJ grades:  8

New instructors: 51
MMA: 15
SJJ step 1: 15
SJJ step 2: 3
BJJ: 18

We have sent out a evaulationform and we hope that everybody can help us to improve and give us your feedback in the form.

Pictures from the camp can be found at Dynamix Flicks site