Dynamix had a great weekend in London and we have three new european champions and several medalist at London International!

European NoGi Open
1st: Maxine Thylin, adult, purple -56,5 kg.
2nd: Peter Appelquist, master, purple-91,5 kg

Maxine Thylin 

London BJJ International
1st: Andreas Gustavsson, adult purple – 88,3kg
1st: Johan Gustafsson, adult purple -94,3 kg
1st: Maxine Thylin, adult, purple -58,5 kg

2nd: Diana Kajic, adult, purple, -69 kg
2nd: Peter Appelquist, silver, master, purple, -94,3 kg.

3rd: Johan Gustafsson, adult, purple, open class

We would also like to congratulate our friends and BJJ teachers Teta and Renato for their medals! Teta won the NoGi championship and Renato got silvermedals in NoGi and London BJJ International

Teta and Renato

Congratulations to you all from Dynamix!


  1. avatar Peter Appelquist says:

    Wrong weight classes !!
    Maxine Thylin Euro Open No Gi -56,5
    Peter Appelquist No Gi -91,5

    Andreas Gustavsson London Open -88,3
    Johan Gustavsson London Open -94,3
    Peter Appelquist London Open -94,3
    Maxine Thylin London Open -58,5
    Diana Kajic -69

    1. avatar admin says:

      Ok, strange, fixed now!