Norrlandslägret 2012

Norrlandslägret 2012

On the 2-4th of november Umeå BK will arrange this years  ”Norrlandsläger”, which is the 36 th time Umeå BK will arrange the camp. We will as usual offer wonderful and good instructors in a great mix!
 You can now choose which direction you want to camp. We will create clear distinct “tracks” to train for and our hope is to give everyone a unique opportunity to work out what you like best!

Instructors 2012

Bertil Bergdahl, 8 dan i Ju-Jutsu Kai

Victor Vall, 1 dan  Brasiliansk Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

Johan Halvardsson, 5 dan i Ju-Jutsu Kai

Johan Ericsson, 1 dan  Judo

Lasse Stålnacke, 5 dan i stilen Ju-jutsuKai och 2 dan i Iaido.

Karl Dahlberg, 2 dan  Sport Ju-Jutsu.

Jonas Mokvist, 5 dan i Ju-Jutsu Kai

Magnus Johansson, Med 10 års erfarenhet av Kali och självskydd

Jens Wallström, 3 dan  Ju-Jutsu Kai

Anders Larsson, 3 dan  Ju-Jutsu Kai

PH Sjöström, 3 dan  Sport Ju-Jutsu

Jonas Elfving, 2 dan Ju-Jutsu Kai

Andreas Hedström och Björn Holm, MMA
This year the camp is also open for youth 10-14 years. They will be offered a fabulous Halloween weekend with everything a camp should contain. Training,  fun , halloween partying and the opportunity to meet new friends!