We welcome all academies and all instructors to Jönköping for a dynamic weekend! JJK Samurai invite all Dynamix academies to their house for a great weekend with a lot of training and social activities. We will soon update this post with information regarding the weekend but so far this is decided:

9-10 Feb 2013

JJK Samuari, Ekhagsringen 17 554 56 Jönköping

For who:
Alla Dynamix academies and their instructors

Cost for training:
Free! Dynamix will cover all expenses for the event (you or your academy will have to pay your trip, hotel and food)

Soon to be updated:

Soon to be updated

Grappling (BJJ and SW) and Sport Ju-Jutsu 2.0 classes
“Academy time”, you will get time to meet with your academies instructors and plan your own agenda for the year

Dont miss this chance to train with other team members and the chance to get a great start of 2013!


  1. avatar Jan Olsson says:

    Jag undrar bara hur man anmäler sig till Instructors weekend?
    MVH Janne

  2. avatar Peter Wallin says:

    Hej Jag undrar också vart man anmäler sig till instruktors weekend.
    mvh /Peter Wallin Gävle ju jutsu

  3. avatar Mikael Sehlstedt says:

    Samma här, resan bokad !! vart signerar man ?