Dynamix offers instructors courses in MMA, Brazilian JJ, Sport JJ and also a course on how to teach kids. We have arranged courses on a regular basis since 2002 and educated more than 300 instructors.

We offer courses in Sport Ju-Jutsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Both instructors with less or no experience, and instructors that are more experienced, can benefit from them. Clubs within Dynamix that train according to the kampjujutsu system have their own education for kampjujutsu.

The education team consists of the following persons:


Ingemar Sköld, 9th dan

Ingemar is the founder of Sport Ju-Jutsu and our organization. He started his Ju-Jutsu training in 1969 as one of the very first to train and teach Ju-Jutsu as a sport. Ingemar has taught at numerous camps during the years and he has also trained many Swedish champions both in the national team and in his academy, Nacka Dojo. In his civil life, Ingemar works as a doctor (psychiatric).

Ricard Carneborn, 5th dan

Ricard is one of Swedens most successful JJIF fighters with four bronze medals in the World Championships and multiple Swedish Championship wins. Ricard is educated at Bosön Sports Center and he works as a personal trainer since 2002. He was promoted to 5th dan in Sport Ju-Jutsu in 2010.

Lars Olof Allerhed, 3rd dan Sport Ju-Jutsu, brown belt in BJJ

“Lollo” has a successful background from JJIF Fighting, with a silver medal from the Swedish Championships as one of his many achievements. Lollo runs the Dynamix academy in Bålsta and works as software IT architect.

Paul Persson, 3rd dan Sport Ju-Jutsu, black belt in BJJ

Paul is one of many talented fighters from JJK Samurai and has won the Swedish Championships multiple times as well as  represented Sweden at two championships. Paul runs the Dynamix academy in Jönköping.

PH Sjöström, 3rd dan Sport Ju-Jutsu

PH is one of the pioneers in Swedish Ju-Jutsu. He has his background in traditional Ju-Jutsu but switched to Sport Ju-Jutsu when the style was created. PH runs his academy in Umeå/Holmsund in the northern part of Sweden and he has been a very engaged instructor at “Norrlandslägret” in Sweden over the years. PH works with management leadership for a big company in Sweden.


Martin Janson, black belt

Martin is one of the best grapplers in Europe with an amazing record in both BJJ and submission wrestling. Martin has taught at many instructor courses in BJJ, submission wrestling and shootfighting. He is a highly sought after teacher at both courses and camps. Martin works together with Ricard and teaches at our instructors courses. Martin was promoted to black belt by Marcelo Yogui in 2009.

Ricard Carneborn, black belt

Ricard started to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1998 in parallel with his JJIF fight career. He competed in BJJ and won among others the Scandinavian Open twice, Stockholm Open and King of the beach. He teaches and coaches his fighters at Nacka Dojo every day. Ricard has developed the concept for Dynamix BJJ together with his partner Martin Janson. Ricard was promoted to blackbelt by Marcelo Yogui in 2011. Ricard is coach for the Swedish National team in BJJ since 2010.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

The course for MMA focus on all the aspects of the style of MMA. You will train boxing, kicks, clinch, takedowns, positioning and punches on the ground. You will drill these techniques for 12 hours and also take part in lectures about first aid and safety rules within the sport. There will also be lectures about coaching in MMA and you will recieve Dynamix training concept for MMA as a sport.

You need to have one year of training and be 18 years or older to participate.

Would you like to attend one of our courses?

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