Sport Ju-jutsu


Sport Ju-jutsu (SJJ) is a modern style of ju-jitsu with kicks, punches, throws and ground techniques. The style is based on over 50 years experience of ju-jitsu as a competitive sport and as a way of physical exercise. The international competition rules for Ju-jitsu Fighting (JJIF) lays the framework for the Sport Ju-jutsu system of techniques and training methods. The training suits all, youths as well as adults, from recreational exercisers to elite competitors. The training is characterised by joy of movement, security and efficacy and randori (sparring excersises) is an essential element. The training can definitely help as preparation for threatening situations even though the the emphasize is not on the self defence aspect. As a Sport Ju-jutsu practitioner you are encouraged to be creative in developing your own fighting game and to seek influences from other martial arts. You will develop your athletic abilities at the same time as you learn the technical principles, tactics and skills of Ju-jitsu fighting.

The Sport ju-jutsu style was founded in 1997 by Ingemar Sköld and his student Ricard Carneborn from Nacka Dojo. Ingemar Sköld is an outstanding ju-jutsuka with a very successful career as instructor, competitor (5 times European Champion) and coach of the Swedish national team. Ricard is one of his most successful students (several medals from European and World Championships and 10 concecutive Swedish Championship titles). They recognized the need for a modern ju-jitsu system that could support the competitive ju-jitsu fighter and for this purpose they created the Sport ju-jutsu system. Shortly after the first drafts were published, several Swedish JJ accademies started to incorporate Sport Ju-jutsu in their training. The sport ju-jutsu system is continously evolving thanks to the creativity of the practitioners.

Sport Ju-jutsu for adults
The Sport Ju-jutsu system for adults is designed to provide a fun and all-round physical training. The system is based on a number of techniques of punches, kicks, throws and ground techniques, all of which can be applied in combinations, counterattacks and various forms of sparring. The fundamental techniques are selected based upon their proven efficacy in competitive ju-jitsu as well in other martial arts competitions. Even though many Sport Ju-jutsu practitioners compete, the majority just train for fun and for individual development. It is important to emphasize that Sport Ju-jutsu is more than the selected fundamental techniques, which are just the base for examinations to next grade. The Sport ju-jutsu system allow and encourage each ju-jitsuka to find and develop techniques and fighting strategies based on individual strengths and limitations. It is the training, creative sparring and curiosity towards other martial arts that drives the continuous development of the Sport ju-jutsu system and our fighters’ skills.

Sport Ju-jutsu for children and youths

The Sport Ju-jutsu system for children and youths is designed to stimulate the children’s natural desire to play and move. The training is based on games and is aimed at developing general athletic skills appropriate to the children’s age and developmental stage. They also gets to practise their ability to focus, struggle to succeed and to be a good team player. With increasing age the youths are offered new challenges and more freedom to explore and develop their own ju-jitsu. Often opportunities can be given for for becoming an assistant instructor, or to develop as a referee or competitor.

The vast majority of the Swedish ju-jitsu national team are Sport Ju-jutsu fighters and the national team’s coach, Rob Haans (3 World championship titles in three different weight classesa) has resently joined the organisation.

Sport Ju-jutsu fighters primarily compete in the sport of Ju-jitsu Fighting. I is an exciting and entertaining sport and the rules are governed by the largest ju-jitsu organization in the world, the Ju-jitsu International federation (JJIF). Since 2013 the finals of the Swedish Championships have been broadcasted live by the Swedish public service television  (SVT Play finals 2017). Continental and World Championships are organized annualy and every fourth year there is a JJIF Fighting event in the World Games.

Sport Ju-jutsu profiles are currently and historically well represented at the podium of the main international championships, e.g. Ingemar Sköld, Nacka dojo (5 EC golds), Ricard Carneborn Nacka dojo ( WC-brons 4 times, World Games Silver, EC-medals), Johan Blomdahl, Dynamix Herrljunga (WC gold 1996, World Games gold 1997, EC-gold 1995, 1997), Anna Dimberg, Kraftverket JJ-akademi (WC-gold 1994 & 1996, EC gold 1995), Annika Sköld, Nacka dojo (EC-gold) Pernilla Carneborn Nacka dojo (EC-gold 1999), Musse Hasselvall (WC-brons, EC brons 1997), Sara Widgren Nacka dojo (World Games-gold …, EC-gold…), Christer Ökvist, IKSU (EC-gold 1999).

Active world-fighters today are e.g. Fredrik Widgren, Nacka dojo (EC-gold 2017) , William Seth Wenzel, Nacka dojo (EC-gold 2017, JWC-gold 2017), Jonas Lund, Söderskogs IF (WC Silver 2016 and Jennie Brolin Kraftverket JJ-akademi (WC- silver 1996, 2000, WC gold 1998, EC gold 1997 and 2015, Combat games brons).

Sport Ju-jutsu is being practised in many Scandinavian clubs. The style is administered by Dynamix Fighting Sports and the group in charge of development of the style consists of Karl Dahlgren (IKSU), Johanna Hamberg (Dynamix Köping), Jan Olsson (Dynamix Herrljunga), Fredrik Widgren (Nacka Dojo) and Erik Nilsson (SKIFT). The black belt examinations are held by the Graduation Committee (Riksgraderingskommiten, RGK) consisting of Ingemar Sköld (Nacka Dojo), Rob Haans (Söderskogs IF), Ricard Carneborn (Nacka Dojo) and Jonathan Askesjö (SKIFT), Anna Dimberg (Kraftverket JJA) and P-H Sjöström (Holmsund-Obbola kampsport).

Training camps, seminars, competitions and instructors courses are arranged by Dynamix Fighting Sports and the associated member clubs. See our calendar for more info. Events on a regular annual basis are the Dynamix kickoff camps at the beginning of each year and the Dynamix Summercamp with instructor courses and black belt graduations (apply for Dan-graduation).

Instructor courses
Our courses aim to inspire instructors as well as to provide pedagogical tools for teaching Sport ju-jutsu. It is also a perfect opportunity for instructors to meet up and help each other to develop and share Sport ju-jutsu knowledge.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding Sport Ju-jutsu in general or if you want to start up Sport Ju-jutsu in your accademy. We can also help you find a Sport Ju-jutsu instructor if you want to host a training a camp.
Karl Dahlgren Phone: (+46)735705715. Contact form.

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